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Temporary Work

Temporary placements are often referred to as temporary assignments and can offer both candidates and clients flexibility with regards to the working arrangement. This arrangement can provide a client company with assistance during periods of heavy workload, staffing shortages, or periods of annual leave. This enables companies to engage workers without requiring the time, expense, and long-term commitment of employing a new permanent employee.

There are many benefits to candidates that undertake temporary assignments and this can often facilitate exposure to various working environments and allow workers to broaden their skill set across many companies. Usually, but not always, the recruitment process is shorter for temporary roles than it is for a permanent vacancy.

Temporary assignments can be flexible and can be short or long assignments.  Flexible working may suit many different people from those not looking for continuous employment or students looking to fill in during their vacations.

The Flexible Workforce are the hidden gems of industry and quite often a temporary assignment can lead to permanent employment.